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By Chris McNab

Describes three hundred uniforms of the final a hundred years from all around the world.
Superbly illustrated with full-colour artistic endeavors.

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This able seaman wears the classic blue reeferjacket with matching trousers and Royal Navypattern anklets, As a rating, his rank is given on the sleeve in red (the chewon indicates the rank of able seaman, the torpedo beneath signifies a torpedo specialist), whereas officers would have their rank displayed via embroidery on the cuff and also on the shoulder-straps of the greatcoat or tunic. Though the uniform here is of a Royal Naqy style, the equipment and firearm are all Greek Army issue. 255in) Carbine Model 1914, a shortened Greek version of the Mannlicher, with fittings for the long bayonet which extends down his left leg (earlier carbine models had no bayonet fittings).

The Ml helmet is Arnerican, as are the Ml9l0 canteen cover and enamel water bottle, the ammunition pouch for pistol magazines, and the folding-stock MlAl carbine. The backpack is British l95&pattern. rfbrmed excellently, partly owing lo lhe thorough training and lcglmental pride, and partly to the hx'l that many of the paras were tough Irrrlochina veterans. rc shows the typical para rrulform of the mid-1950s. 'l'lrc camouflage shirt and trousers rurc from the MSl parachute uniform (llrst issued in 1953) which, as the lnrtterning suggests, was first lnlcnded for use by the paras in the luugles of South-east Asia.

The lrrurck, worn over the regular rurlftrrm, was removed bY ziP orr lunding (although the prrrrrchute harness had no quickrtk'nsc mechanism). BY l94l a r(,(r)nd pattern smock came in a Slrlll lcr (splinter) camoufl age. |)ads protect the legs. vrrnt slipping inside an aircraft. 1st Parachute Regiment 2 Major lrhgatr* . North-west itrl;qtioq Belgium 1940 August 1940 July 1940 ,'r 'lJnit: Regiment France Europe Thcotrer North-westEuroPe Lo(atlon: Belgium 101 GERMANY GERMANY Lieutenont Jogdgeschwoder 26, lll Gruppe Pqs de Colois 1940 Lqnce-Corporol Ponzer Lehr Regiment Eostern Front 1941' pictured FJrhls soldier here is Luftwaffe fighter pilol Leutnanf Joachim Miincheburg, a highly decorated airman of JG26 who shot down 135 Allied aircraft before being killed in I action in 1943.

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