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By George Woodcock (auth.)

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AIKEN PUBLICATIONS Collections Selected Letters, edited by Joseph Killorin. 1978. Fiction Bring.! Bring! and Other Stories. 1925. Blue Voyage. 1921. Costumes by Eros. 1928. Gehenna. 1930. Great Circle. 1933. Among the Lost People (stories). 1934. King Coffin. 1935. A Heart for the Gods of Mexico. 1939. Conversation; or, Pilgrims' Progress. 1940; as The Conversation, I 948. The Short Stories. 1950. The Collected Short Stories. 1960. The Collected Novels. 1964. Verse Earth Triumphant and Other Tales in Verse.

1961. 29 30 AIKEN The Morning Song of Lord Zero: Poems Old and New. 1963. A Seizure of Limericks. 1964. Thee. 1967. The Clerk's Journal: An Undergraduate Poem, Together with a Brief Memoir of Dean LeBaron Russell Briggs, T. S. Eliot, and Harvard, in 19/l. 1971. Collected Poems 1916-19 70. 1971. Play Mr. Arcularis (produced 1949). 1957. Other Scepticisms: Notes on Contemporary Poetry. 1919. Ushant: An Essay (autobiography). 1952. A Reviewer's ABC: Collected Criticism from 1916 to the Present, edited by Rufus A.

1930. Last Straws (stories). 1930. The Colonel's Daughter. 19 31. Stepping Heavenward: A Record. 19 31. Soft Answers (stories). 1932. All Men Are Enemies: A Romance. 1933. Women Must Work. 1934. Very Heaven. 1937. Seven Against Reeves: A Comedy-Farce. 1938. Rejected Guest. 1939. The Romance of Casanova. 1946. Play Life of a Lady, with Derek Patmore. 1936. Verse Images (/910-/915). 1915; as, Images Old and New,l916. Reverie: A Little Book of Poems for H. D. 1917. The Love of Myrrhine and Konallis, and Other Prose Poems.

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20th-Century Fiction by George Woodcock (auth.)

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